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Jeff George, by the numbersToday marks former Illini all-star quarterback Jeff George’s 46th birthday. He’ll be remembered for leading Illinois to the 1988 All-American Bowl and to the 1990 Citrus Bowl, then surviving in the NFL for 15 seasons. George’s career story, by the numbers: read more
The Mayor just made someone up their seat lol #Chicago #eliteclassic 
A tale of two Chicagos via @AJAM  #rahmbo
So Illinois State students rushed the court after their team beat 25th ranked Dayton in early December?
Chief Keef Says His Next Mixtape Will Raise The Already Insanely High Chicago Murder Rate 
Thank you to all of the dedicated volunteers that came out to show their support today.
Great to be with my local County Farm Bureaus at the Illinois Farm Bureau Meeting. #IFBmtg13
State Journal Register By John O’Connor Nov. 7, 2013 A push to fight crime by imposing stiffer penalties for having guns on urban streets came to an abrupt halt Thursday when black lawmakers in the Illinois House used a procedural measure to stall proposed legislation, saying the bill was too focused on locking up young men. read more
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WPSD Local 6 Reporter: Jason Hibbs Photographer: Chad Darnall Mon Nov 18, 2013 BROOKPORT, Ill. – Local lawmakers visited the storm-ravaged area on Monday, including Illinois Representative Brandon Phelps, who got his first look at the devastation today. “I never wanted to go through this again, what we went through in Harrisburg. You know.. this is just as bad. Just as bad,” he said. rea By Fanna Haile-Selassie By Andy Shofstall Nov 26, 2013 read more
PENSION REFORM PROPOSAL Details as of 11/29/13 Funding schedule and method for certifying contributions: Establishes an actuarially sound funding schedule to achieve 100% funding no later than the end of FY 2044. Contributions will be certified using the entry age normal actuarial cost method (EAN), which averages costs evenly over the pensioner’s employment and results in level contributions.
State Rep. David McSweeney, R-Barrington Hills, is holding a community food drive in December to benefit the Cary-Grove Food Pantry. “The holiday season is a great opportunity to reach out to the community and help those who are in need enjoy the holidays,” McSweeney said in a news release. “If we all pitch in, a little will go a long way to help those in our community,” he added.
A private contractor hired by Illinois has excelled in removing from the state’s Medicaid rolls people who didn’t qualify for the benefit. The contractor, Virginia-based Maximus Health Services Inc., has recommended over the course of the year that the state scrub about 190,000 people from the Medicaid rolls. That saves money and helps to preserve the vital health coverage for lower-income residen
Illinois holds the dubious distinction of having the worst-funded public pension system in the nation. The state’s system is around $100 billion in debt and has enough assets to cover less than 40% of the debt the state owes. Additionally this worst-in-the-nation distinction has been a major contributing factor to Illinois having the worst credit rating in the nation.
According to a report from the Associated Press “only a few hundred middle-class Illinois residents were able to sign up for health insurance” when the federal health insurance exchange opened in October, however the state’s system for signing up new Medicaid recipients has seen applicants signing up “by the thousands.” Although the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states did not have to expand Medi
State Senator Dan Duffy (R-Lake Barrington) is reminding constituents about Talk 2 Me Tuesdays at his legislative office which will continue through December and January. “I started Talk 2 Me Tuesdays my first year in office to give constituents a chance to stop by and share their concerns with me,” said Duffy. “I am always available by appointment, but I know that people have hectic schedules t
UPDATE!  Deadline for submitting Documentation for State of Illinois Retiree Groups HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO JANUARY 31, 2014. To ensure that only eligible dependents are covered under the State Employees Group Insurance Program (SEGIP), the Illinois Department of Central Management Services has retained the services of HMS Employer Solutions (HMS), an independent firm, to conduct a Dependent Eligibil
In mid-November, Senator Bertino-Tarrant hosted an ACA seminar for residents of the Carillon retirement community.  Nearly 30 residents attended the event and were able to ask questions about the Affordable Care Act and the progress being made with implementation. Information was presented by AARP representative Courtney Hedderman and was specific to the needs and concerns of the retirement commun
The State Legislature is expected to vote Tuesday on a pension reform measure (SB1) put together by the Legislative Pension Committee. Here are some of the details:   Funding schedule and method for certifying contributions: Establishes an actuarially sound funding schedule to achieve 100% funding no later than the end of FY 2044. Contributions will be certified using the entry age normal actuar
State Representative David Harris presented a Certificate of Recognition from the Illinois House of Representatives to Corporal Michael Stone of the Prospect Heights Police Department.  
CANTON – State Senator Dave Koehler’s district office director, Jennifer Allison, will be holding satellite office hours in Canton on Thursday, December 5. The purpose of the event is to allow local residents to discuss state-government issues in person without travelling to Peoria. Location: City Hall, Director’s room on lower level Address: 2 North Main St., Canton, IL Time: 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.
The Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS) will be hosting an informational seminar on Wednesday, December 4 to review changes to Medicare Advantage state retiree health insurance benefits.The deadline to enroll in the Medicare Advantage Plans is December 13, 2013, New Medicare Advantage plans go into effect on February 1. Officials with CMS will attend the seminar to answer loca
Springfield, IL… In response to today’s vote on Senate Bill 1, State Representative Barbara Wheeler has issued the following statement: “Today legislators took a large step toward shoring up our five public pension systems. While I believe there are still additional reforms that are needed, I view the components of Senate Bill 1 as a solid beginning point for comprehensive pension reform. “There i
“I have very serious concerns about a bill that is punitive toward our retirees and actually decreases contributions from current employees. The notion that current employees would contribute less and the sacrifice would be borne by those who have spent a lifetime in service to our state is inherently unfair,” said Representative Chad Hays (R-Catlin). “The matter will almost certainly be heard in
This afternoon, the General Assembly passed a comprehensive pension reform bill. The governor has indicated that he will sign it soon, bringing to a close an incredibly difficult, rancorous, and painful, but essential legislative process. This bill was a report of a 10-member conference committee and was the outcome of discussions throughout the summer and fall, culminating in a final negotiation
Dear Friends, Today, the General Assembly passed an unconstitutional pension reform proposal that I did not support. Like the supporters of Senate Bill 1, I’m concerned about our state’s fiscal situation and inability to pay its bills on time. But I understand a law that’s declared unconstitutional saves no money. Our state’s pension crisis was not created overnight and shouldn’t be resolved by a Staff Report Dec. 4, 2013 State Senator Gary Forby and State Representative Brandon Phelps are sponsoring two seminar sessions at Southeastern Illinois College 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 5. The sessions are in the Visual and Performing Arts Center. Also attending is David Amerson, retiree coordinator for Illinois American Federation of State, County and Municipal Empl
More than 2,100 jobs would stay in the suburbs and over 250 would be created under an incentive deal championed by State Senator Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park) that will bring the corporate headquarters of two international corporations to Illinois. The incentive package encouraging Office Depot Inc. and international chemical distributor, Univar, to locate their corporate headquarters in Illinois w
For the past several years, many pension reform proposals have been presented to the General Assembly including my own reform proposal. SB1 proposed today is just as unconstitutional as the first version. Although many good things were added into the new version, I don’t believe this proposal will pass constitutional muster. The greatest risk for the taxpayers is for the state to believe it has cr
In response to his vote against Senate Bill 1 today, State Representative Tom Morrison has issued the following statement: “I remain committed to true pension reform, but I could not support Senate Bill 1 because I believe it doesn’t stabilize the pension systems- not for the workers who are paying into them or the rest of the state’s taxpayers who are subsidizing them. “I believe the only real pe
Three of four General Assembly members who represent Western Springs residents came down on the same side of Tuesday’s big pension reform votes in the Senate and House.Sen. Christine Radogno (R-Lemont) and Reps. Jim Durkin (R-Western Springs) and Patti Bellock (R-Hinsdale) all voted to support the pension bill that passed both chambers and now awaits Gov. Pat Quinn’s signature…
Following the passage of SB1, State Representative Brown issued the following open letter to public sector employees impacted by the vote.
SPRINGFIELD – During the House floor pension debate Tuesday, State Rep. Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) challenged Speaker Mike Madigan’s SB 1’s wording concerning the 401k option. The language she questioned reads “the System shall be entitled to recover the amounts in the participant’s defined contribution accounts”:  “That to me sounds like something a rogue nation run by despots would
Conference Committee Pension Reform Proposal (SB 1) Executive Summary   The Conference Committee on Pension Reform was created to address the growing $97 billion unfunded pension liability, the ever increasing General Revenue funds that must be used to meet pension obligations, and the “crowding out” effect that it was having on funding for other state services. After months of negotiations the Co
Yesterday the General Assembly passed and sent to the Governor legislation dealing with the unfunded liabilities of the 4 state pension systems (TRS, SURS, SERS and General Assembly). The Governor has indicated he will sign this legislation into law. It would not take effect until July 1, 2014. In addition, there will undoubtedly be court […]
SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Norine Hammond (R-Macomb) yesterday voted No on a proposal to reduce future pension benefits to state employees and retirees. The bill passed the House by a 62-53 vote.
HIGHLAND – State Representative Charlie Meier (R-Okawville) is urging state retirees and retired teachers to pay close attention to fast approaching deadlines to file appropriate paperwork related to their healthcare through Medicare Advantage. “Deadlines are coming up very soon, some as early as December 13.  We don’t want to have folks kicked out of their healthcare plans because they missed the
There’s another deadline extension for Illinois state retirees who need to submit certain health insurance documents. The deadline has been extended twice now because of the federal government shutdown this fall. Recipients of various state health insurance programs need to provide IRS documents in order to prove their dependents are eligible to receive state health insurance coverage. But the tra
Over 200 attended Tuesday’s concealed carry seminar in O’Fallon hosted by Illinois State Representatives Dwight Kay and Charlie Meier.  Matt Spaller with Stoic Chaos Firearms Training presented information on what you need to know about concealed carry.  Attendees learned about the qualifications to obtain a concealed carry license, where concealed carry is prohibited, training requirements, appli
Yesterday I voted for the pension reform bill. We arrived at the crushing $100 billion liability facing our state not through the fault of our employees, but because of the irresponsible actions of state politicians, Republican and Democratic, who increased pension benefits without paying for them. Illinois has come to this place because we chose to forgo our pension payments …
Rep. Darlene Senger (R-Naperville) spoke on the House floor Tuesday in support of restoring stability to state pension systems to preserve a secure retirement for current and retired teachers and state employees; as well as the need to reverse the damage done to the state’s jobs climate by the current $100 Billion pension shortfall and state credit rating downgrades. Click the image below to watch
Conference Committee Pension Reform Proposal (SB 1) Executive Summary   The Conference Committee on Pension Reform was created to address the growing $97 billion unfunded pension liability, the ever increasing General Revenue funds that must be used to meet pension obligations, and the “crowding out” effect that it was having on funding for other state services. After months of negotiations the Co
Federal resources provided by disaster declaration President Obama’s decision to declare Champaign and Vermilion County and other areas affected by last month’s tornadoes Federal Disaster Areas qualifies local residents for a variety of grants and low-interest loans. These include: Grants of up to $32,400 for disaster-related needs not covered by insurance, including replacement of property, tran
PEORIA – Owners of all-terrain vehicles will be protected when using their vehicles on private property under a new law proposed by State Senator Dave Koehler (D-Peoria), chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee. In 2012, the Illinois General Assembly passed a law to help finance the Department of Natural Resources through a series of new and expanded fees – part of an effort to keep the desperat
Pension Reform Bill Sent to Governor This was certainly a historic week in Springfield. After years of discussion and countless proposals, the General Assembly on Tuesday sent a comprehensive pension reform bill to the Governor. Following several hours of debate in both chambers, SB1 was approved in the House in a 62-53-1 vote and in the Senate in a 30-24-3 vote. Governor Quinn has promised to si
Pension Reform Bill Sent to Governor Quinn This was a historic week in Springfield. After years of indecision and failed attempts, the General Assembly on Tuesday sent a comprehensive pension reform bill to the Governor. After several hours of debate in both chambers, SB1 was approved in the House in a 62-53-1 vote and in the Senate in a 30-24-3 vote. Governor Quinn has promised to sign the bill
Your weekly recap of the latest state news: Pensions General Assembly enacts, Governor signs landmark pension reform bill.  SB 1, as amended by conference committee, is expected to reduce future actuarial expenses to State taxpayers by $160 billion.  These savings are subject to many future events, including the outcome of litigation to determine the constitutionality of the new law.  In additi
Dear friends, This was a historic week in Springfield. After years of indecision and failed attempts, the General Assembly on Tuesday took steps to stabilize the public pension systems and protect pensions for hard-working Illinoisans who will rely upon pensions when they retire. After several hours of debate in both chambers, SB1 was approved in the House in a 62-53-1 vote and in the Senate in a
Just days after he ignored a request to excommunicate Governor Quinn of Illinois for signing into law same-sex marriage, Francis Cardinal George responded to …
I have represented the proposed Illiana Corridor area for the past 27 years at all levels of government, including local, county and now state. The Times has …
Letter: Illinois lawmaker pensions ‘too rich’The State Journal-RegisterFrom the Associated Press on Tuesday: Illinois’ House speaker told a bipartisan legislative committee that the state’s pension systems are “just too rich” to be afforded in the future. Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, was talking about the pensions …Next for pension reform: ChicagoIllinois governor signs pension overhaul i
I am assuming that your taking of pen (and venom) in hand regarding Illinois’ landmark pension vote is a continuation of your involvement and support of our …
Did Belleville officials keep their campaign promises?Belleville News DemocratHe has worked with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office on these issues and with the Illinois State Archives to review retention schedules. Eckert said the city never had trouble responding to FOIA requests in a timely manner before Cook. City staff …
‘No’ vote is good only for union workersHerald & ReviewAdam Brown, R-Decatur, said the bill was more than 300 pages long, and he had less than 36 hours to review it. State Sen. Andy Manar, D-Bunker Hill, said key parties were left out of the process and the “constitutionality of the measure is deeply suspect.
Champaign/Urbana News-GazetteTom Kacich: Pension vote shows downstate heavy on government jobsChampaign/Urbana News-GazetteOnly five of the 62 “yes” votes came from representatives outside of the Chicago area, only three of whom are from south of I-80: Republicans Jil Tracy of Quincy and David Leitch of Peoria, and Democrat John Bradley of Marion. Thirty other downstaters …
Doug Finke covers Illinois politics for the Springfield State Journal-Register. He can be reached at (217) 788-1527. His email is Follow him …
Sharing many characteristics to the proposal advanced by the Transportation for Illinois Coalition (TFIC) earlier in the month, the legislation would eliminate the …
By John Gregory – Illinois Radio Network. An invasive species is now just miles away from Illinois streams. New Zealand mud snails have been found in a …
By John Gregory – Illinois Radio Network. U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) is calling for a commission to be formed to talk about ways to keep Social Security stable.
When Illinois lawmakers gathered in Springfield last week they finally took action against a growing financial crisis impacting every facet of state government …
The State Journal-Register’s Friend-in-Deed, in its 53rd year of helping the Springfield community, survives and thrives because volunteers come back year after …
Again this week, in an interview with a State Journal-Register reporter, Houston said he hopes to name someone “in the relatively near future.” He has been …
By Dave Dahl – Illinois Radio Network. Many of the people who use heroin got their start in Mom and Dad’s medicine cabinet. The director of the Illinois Poison …
2013-12-08T03:00:00Z Salukis’ debate team ranked No. 1 in the countryBY PETE SPITLER, THE SOUTHERN The Southern. 1 minute ago • BY PETE SPITLER, …
“What do YOU think?” it says on the fancy, full-color flier sent to households in the 13th Congressional District. I think that U.S. Rep. RODNEY DAVIS …
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS … SPRINGFIELD, Illinois — Illinois state prison inmates are among those who have been taking part in recovery efforts after last …
Finally, IL (almost) agrees with taxpayers about pensionsQuincy JournalElaine Nekritz, D-Northbrook. Nekrtiz has said pension reforms are needed to ensure Illinois can pay for schools, roads and public safety. You know, to do the work of a functioning government. Just a handful of Democrats are sticking by the adopted …How Illinois achieved pension reform
Southern Illinois University President Glenn Poshard, himself a former congressman and state lawmaker, said Rednour was well-liked, respected and an …
Feeling cheatedNorthwest HeraldI am writing to inform people that they can contact their congressman (Peter Roskam 202-225-2561 or Randy Hultgren 202-225-2976) and ask them to pass clarifying legislation acknowledging the right of people to keep their policies. Jim Thompson.
Should state workers retire before pension law kicks in?Chicago Daily HeraldMichael McAuliffe, a Chicago Republican; Rep. Marty Moylan, Des Plaines Democrat; Rep. Michelle Mussman, Schaumburg Democrat; Rep. Elaine Nekritz, Northbrook Democrat; Rep. JoAnn Osmond, Antioch Republican; Rep. Dennis Reboletti, Elmhurst …
Today we honor those who lost their lives at Pearl Harbor 72 years ago.
Family dinner at the famous Chicken Basket in #Willowbrook!
Today we honor the men and women who lost their lives at #PearlHarbor, and give thanks to all who serve. … #twill
Evelyn helped make calls today too. Folks were fired up. Ready to #BringBackIL #ShakeUpSaturday
Join me and @janschakowsky tomorrow in #Winnetka! … #Democrats #Progressive #NorthShore #twill
There’s not a better fix for preventing the other team from seeing coaches’ whiteboard than turning around the bench? #B1GChampionship
Western Springs, La Grange area ballot takes shapeThe Doings Western SpringsDennis Reboletti, R-45th, of Elmhurst, and former state Rep. Chris Nybo of Elmhurst will attempt to get the nod as the candidate who will take on Democratic challenger Suzanne Glowiak, a Western Springs trustee, in November. Glowiak is running …
Deadbeat Illinois imperils special education …. It is a real embarrassment to be from Illinois with stories like this.
SPRINGFIELD — On Tuesday, the Illinois General Assembly passed a measure lawmakers contend will solve the state’s pension crisis. If only it would. The reality is it likely lays the groundwork for future tax
AFL-CIO’s Mike Carrigan: “This week did not close the gap. It widened it. Quinn cant win in 2014 til he makes peace w/public-sector unions.”
Kass: Metra should keep dogs off its trains, no matter how tiny and cute they are.
Congratulations to Eileen Mitchell, 2014 Speaker of the Illinois Third House. We hope you enjoyed the holiday luncheon and look forward to seeing you at future events.
With pension law, Illinois takes off that ‘kick me’ sign @CrainsChicago…good “what it all means” piece 
Taking Abbie to see A Christmas Carol the Fox Theatre is St. Louis is truly one of a kind #amazing
Today we remember the attack on Pearl Harbor where 2400 US sailors lost their lives. Let us bow our heads for a m…
Really appreciated the chance to speak to the Bronzeville Alliance today. Great community organization
I joined volunteers from GET COVERED AMERICA today at the Jeffery Manor Branch library in calling residents from… 
Good first step. …
“Mr. Gosa is a career criminal who has been removed from the street and placed behind bars. Our community is a safer place without him,” Kane County state’s Attorney Joe McMahon says.
Murphy’s Bleachers apologized Saturday for a message on its marquee that seemed to make light of the Pearl Harbor attack.
Williamsville, Sherman customers could pay more for waterThe State Journal-RegisterWILLIAMSVILLE — The Williamsville Village Board is scheduled to vote Monday on a proposed 12 percent rate increase for water customers in the village and in Sherman. Retail water customers currently pay a minimum of $11.66 per month for the first 1 …
A search is on for a man who was caught on surveillance tape watching a woman in a bathroom before assaulting her.
Abraham Lincoln has long been the subject of gay rumors among historians, but now a New York artist is weighing in on the debate. On view at New York’s C24 Gallery through December 21, Sklyar Fein’s ”The Lincoln Bedroom” incorporates audio …
The pension deal in Springfield is the best news Illinois business has heard in a while. “Best,” of … Education is where government can do the most for business.
A Tinley Park High School student apparently posted on Facebook, threatening harm to him or herself, and other students. The incident was reported to police.
If I’m @GovernorQuinn, I don’t like seeing Mike Carrigan’s quote in @natashakorecki’s story about the gov’s tattered ties w/ unions.
This just in: @CrainsChicago elects to get more political: 
On the job training program at Lake Bluff plant provides concrete example of middle class job creation in current economy.
Not the way to remember a tragedy.— Paul Sullivan (@PWSullivan) December 07, 2013 CHICAGO (CBS) — A drink special Saturday backfired at a well-known Chicago bar. To mark Pearl Harbor Day, the sign outside urged patrons of Murphy’s Bleachers to remember it with bombs and kamikazes — as in the cocktails. play pause Bar Sign: ‘Remember Pearl Harbor With Bombs And Kamik
Luciano: ‘Tornado baby’ brings hope, happiness to Washington familyPeoria Journal StarThey worked hard to save money — he sets up functions at Illinois Central College; she manages a law office — to buy a split-level at 1205 Hampton Road in Washington. …. In fact, the Diveleys got so many donated items, they’ve given extras to charity.
Former New Athens Mayor Gary Kearns had a conflict of interest in supporting a tax incentive for property he partially owned and sold to a developer for $150,000, according to…Click to Continue »
Not the way to remember a tragedy.— Paul Sullivan (@PWSullivan) December 7, 2013
If there isn’t a major olive branch of some kind extended by the gov, does labor back a Republican or sit on its hands in 2014?
First time in my career that I can say I interviewed Santa.
I voted against the Madigan pension bill. I’m concerned that the numbers don’t work and were not independently verified.State income tax hike doesn’t look so temporary nowwww.chicagotribune.comThe harshest Republican critics of a new law to wipe out the state’s $100 billion government worker pension debt argued that the plan should have saved more money or Illinois’ temporary income-tax increase t
Immigration reform advocates encounter locked doors at Roskam’s West …Suburban Life Publications”We want to make sure he understands that families in his district will be impacted by immigration reform and he hears their stories,” said Erendira Rendon, who is with the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights and has been to Roskam’s …
How Illinois achieved pension reformCrain’s Chicago BusinessGOP leaders of the House and Senate, Jim Durkin and Christine Radogno, respectively, who put the commonweal ahead of partisanship. And Reps. Daniel Biss and Elaine Nekritz, two Democratic back-benchers—Mr. Biss since has been promoted to the …Governor Quinn signs pension reform bill, Moody’s says bill is ‘credit positive’
Tonight I’m headed over to the Champaign County Democrats and Champaign County Young Democrats holiday party with my daughter. Tomorrow night I’ll see the Bulls take on Detroit (hope we can play like we did against the Heat last night!) before heading over to Winnetka on Sunday for my event with Jan Schakowsky. Have a great weekend and stay warm!
Tell us what you think the top issue facing Illinois is. Be sure to take our 2013 survey here –> Dillard for
Great steak fry put on by the Pike County Twp folks today for lunch at the Pittsfield Twp Shed.
This week, the General Assembly passed legislation that will strengthen the new concealed carry law for Illinois citizens. Here is an update on where the roll out of this law stands right now, along with an overview published in this month’s Illinois Bar Journal, authored by our staff assistant legal counsel Caitlyn G. McEvoy.Illinois Concealed Carry Law Implementation Advancingillinoissenatedemoc
46 middle school students at Metcalf School researched and wrote persuasive arguments on state park funding. I visited with the students today, and I congratulate the students on their impressive projects! Keep up the good work!
Today we pause to reflect on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day and thank our veterans who served in World War II. They truly were the greatest generation. May we never forget their courage and sacrifice.
Wheaton Lions Club Charities Reindeer Run with Joe. Baby its cold outside… 8 degrees.
Today we remember the tragic events of Pearl Harbor and the sacrifices made by the greatest generation in defense of our freedom. Thank you to all our veterans, especially those who served in World War II.
Senator LaHood Named Legislator of the Year by Life Services Network Life Services Network (LSN) has announced that State Senator Darin LaHood has been named a 2013 LSN Legislator of the Year. Senator LaHood has been chosen for his commitment to the advancement of quality older adult services in Illinois.News, Illinois State Senator Darin LaHood, Serving the 37th Senate District in the Illinois.
At head table for the annual Irish Fellowship Christmas Lunch, fundraiser for scholarships in Chicago.
At Irish Fellowship Lunch with Santa Claus.
We are supporting @MikeForIllinois for Treasurer! RETWEET if you do too! #twill 
Jumping in on a call! Wanted to talk about education reform. #ShakeUpSaturday #twill #BringBackIL
Today I held my #STEM Academy Boot Camp with students from Our Lady of Guadalupe School. I programmed my own sticker!
Enjoying time with my seniors at the CHA Senior Holiday Luncheon. I proudly represent the Trumbull Park Homes and… 
Today I held my #STEM Academy Boot Camp with students from Our Lady of Guadalupe School. I programmed my own sticker!
Today I held my #STEM Academy Boot Camp with students from Our Lady of Guadalupe and programmed stickers!
Best comment ever “On the plus side, it looks like she’ll disappear after 7 songs” …
Great crowd here at the Delta Sigma Founders Day luncheon. Appreciate all they do for our members!
Yay! The Illinois Family Institute endorsement questionnaire has arrived. Of the 10 questions, 5 are bills that already passed.
Today we went to work! 
Stop by Dinkel’s Bakery on Lincoln Ave. for our meet & greet during the @thisislakeview Jolly-Palooza!
DuPage County officials are asking residents to reduce the amount of road salt they use this winter. Road salt can pollute freshwater by increasing chloride concentrations within county waterways, which have been steadily increasing for the last
Interviews with enrollment counselors, insurance brokers and a government official … After a conference call earlier this week with federal health officials, Illinois …
16 minutes ago • Associated Press. SPRINGFIELD, Ill. | Illinois is marking the 72nd anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor that killed 1,177 people and …
By KERRY LESTER Associated Press … SPRINGFIELD, Illinois — The Illinois Legislature’s watershed vote to approve a $160 billion pension reform plan offered …
More than $100 million to Ill. pols since 2000? Great story on unions & pension vote by @natashakorecki @ArtGolab. 
Speaking at United Southland Republican Women’s Xmas Party in Chicago Heights. Good folks working challenging terrain. #ilgop #cookgop
This week on Sun-Times’ political talk show ‘Off Message’: Host Natasha Korecki discusses pensions, unions, and Pat Quinn’s complicated relationship with …
Detroit and Illinois are the templates for “legalized” pension theft. 
Lawmakers in the House, where the incentives bills stalled last week, have criticized companies for seeking special deals when the state can’t even afford to pay its bills. “We were reforming pension for workers and teachers, and it wasn’t the …
San Francisco ChronicleMarc Trestman sees some of Jay Cutler in Tony RomoPost-TribuneBears coach Marc Trestman sees a little Jay Cuter in Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. “I think their skill sets are similar in terms of their athleticism, their ability to move the pocket, make all the throws, make things happen late in games …Jay Cutler’s injured ankle improvingChicago Bears are Smart to S
U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski is holding a Veterans Fair at 10 a.m. Tuesday at the Johnson-Phelps VFW Post 5220, 9514 S. 52nd Ave., Oak Lawn. Congressional staff members and officials from the state and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs will be among those available to help veterans with matters including medical records, veterans’ claims and benefits, medals, veterans hospital billing among other
TAYLORVILLE — The University Women of Christian County were entertained by Taylorville Cinema’s Michael Wiseman’s “Top Picks of Christmas Flix” at their Tuesday, December, 3, 2013 meeting at Krieger’s Grill. Mike showed funny clips from “A Christmas Story,” “Home Alone,” “The Grinch,” “Elf,” and “Christmas Vacation.”
Ken Baumgarten, the Menard County State’s Attorney, died Friday night of natural causes.Sangamon County Coroner Cinda Edwards said Baumgarten, 55, was pronounced deceased at Memorial Medical Center at 11:53 p.m. Friday night. Funeral arrangements are pending. …
SPRINGFIELD – Unlike 2010, the public-sector unions may not throw their full endorsement to Democrat Governor Pat Quinn in 2014. This week, the Service Employees Internation Union spokesman Adam Rosen told the Associated Press that both State Treasurer Dan Rutherford…
CHICAGO – Illinois State Representative La Shawn Ford is proposing renaming Cicero Avenue in Chicago to honor of South Africa’s late president Nelson Mandela. The 66-mile route runs directly through Chicago’s neighborhoods, along Midway International Airport, from Kankakee ing the…
ABC7Chicago.comSenators talk up benefits of Illiana ExpresswayBelleville News DemocratMark Kirk of Illinois and Dan Coats of Indiana are talking up the benefits of the proposed Illiana Expressway. The 47-mile … Kirk says the plan to build and run it in partnership with private investors should be a model for faster infrastructure …Senators Kirk, Coats Highlight Importance of Illiana Expressway
But Epstein cautioned that the council will need to respond even before the state … Epstein said “hundreds” of Illinois cities have some type of tax-sharing deals.
Illinois is marking the 72nd anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor that killed 1,177 people and brought the United States into World War II.
Juan Rangel’s resignation from his $250,000-a-year job as head of the scandal-scarred United Neighborhood Organization capped a classic Chicago tale of clout won and lost.
To be sure, the problem needed fixing. Illinois’ $100 billion shortfall in funding employee retirement benefits is considered the worst pension crisis in the nation.
Top Chicago school authorities are working on new strategies to address the … is focused primarily on Chicago, its findings could affect districts across Illinois, …
Illinois ponders what to do with empty public buildingsRockford Register StarThe state also owns five shuttered residential facilities for people with mental health problems and developmental disabilities-in Tinley Park, Rockford, Jacksonville, Lincoln and Anna in far southern Illinois. The facilities were closed as government …
Reading news bulletins the day after attack on Pearl Harbor at the Illinois State Journal building. #spihistory
A special mid-afternoon edition of the Illinois State Journal, this day in 1941. #spihistory #pearlharbor
In @RoyWStrom story on Illinois’ new chief justice, via @JoshWeinhold: In law school, prof asked Rita Garman if she was there to find hubby
It’s created a website and hosted nine open houses. It’s spoken with community leaders, as well as the media.
ILGA — House Bills in Senate.pdf 
ILGA — Bills in Conference Committee Stage.pdf 
ILGA — House Sponsor Bill List report 
ILGA — House Committee Bill List report 
ILGA — Senate Bill Sponsor List report 
ILGA — House Rules Committee report 
ILGA — Senate Assignments Committee report 
ILGA — Senate Committee Bill List report 
ILGA — Conference Committee History-house.pdf 
ILGA — Conference Committee History-Senate.pdf 
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ILGA — Senate Bills in House.pdf 
Dear Senator Biss: In conversation with the general public, my standard comment is that the COLA in Illinois should be the same as in Connecticut: equal to CPI up to 3%, plus half of CPI up to a maximum of 5%. I always say, the General Assembly wouldn’t have to worry about a court battle with that model because of the quid pro quo: in exchange for TRS members accepting less than CPI when it comes in under 3%, they have the opportunity to benefit from the 50%-of-CPI-above-3% when the CPI is between 3% and 5%. Believe it or not, even fiscally conservative friends and relatives are polite enough to acknowledge the common sense of this approach. A hollow victory is one that proves to be unfruitful in the long run. Count me among those that are glad the General Assembly has come off as bone-headed as you have with SB1. The Illinois Supreme Court will blast the bill as grossly unconstitutional, you’ll be back at square one, and you might want to consider the State of Illinois Constitution as somewhat important the next time you succumb to the immense greed that SB1 represents – making a purchase [taking pension contributions from people’s paychecks] and then stopping payments [not paying the State’s equivalent of FICA, and, instead using pension money like a line of credit] will always be wrong, and the wrongdoer will always deserve prosecution of some kind. Best Regards, David Sellers — sent on 12/5/2013 to Senator Biss after SB1 was signed into law by Governor Quinn. If you are at all inclined, please ‘like’ and/or ‘share’

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