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#Iran’s announcement of new and advanced centrifuges should be met by Congress with new and advanced sanctions. 
Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White says drivers will have a couple of new laws to be aware of starting January 1st.  Kelsey’s Law is for teens trying to get a license.  If they have an unresolved traffic citation, they will not be able…
Parents will no longer be required to tell school officials if their child tests positive for HIV.  State rep LaShawn Ford says the requirement wasn’t just violating people’s privacy, it was also keeping some from getting tested. [a…
The Alton Regional Convention and Visitor’s Bureau has been at the forefront of the digital age, and in addition to their various social media sites, has upgraded its home page to showcase the offerings of the area.  CVB President Brett St…
Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart says officers will step up enforcement efforts against seat belt and drunken driving violators.
Dear @southwestair, I would really like the 2 hours of my life back your customer service failures cost me today.
I’m holding a media availability tomorrow (12/28) at 1:00pm in #Vienna at the Vienna Restaurant (511 E Vine). #twill
I’m holding a media availability tomorrow (12/28) at 11:30am in #AnnaIL at the Kiki’s Coffee House (326 S Main). #twill
I’m holding a media availability tomorrow (12/28) at 10:15am in #Carbondale at Mary Lou’s (114 S. Illinois). #twill
I’m attending the Williamson County GOP meeting tomorrow (12/28) at 9am in #Marion at the Ryan’s Steakhouse (2706 Walton Way). #twill
Quinn office on pension reform suit: “We always expected a lawsuit just as we expect this landmark reform will be upheld as constitutional.”
ILGA — House Bills in Senate.pdf 
ILGA — Senate Bills in House.pdf 
ILGA — Conference Committee History-house.pdf 
ILGA — Conference Committee History-Senate.pdf 
ILGA — Bills in Conference Committee Stage.pdf 
WREX: Rockford lawmakers “not surprised” by pension plan lawsuit 
Southern: Rutherford says stop ‘bombshell’ closings 
Ill. State Police to Give Concealed Carry Update Monday 
Illinois needs a strategic plan for agriculture, according to the chairman of the University of Illinois Board of Trustees. “Agriculture in Illinois is too important not to be managed with a massive, comprehensive strategic plan,” says C…
Illinois politicos are always good for a laugh, no? – RonCrazy for Cartoons? Look Back at 2013 for Laughsbolingbrook.patch.comWhich Illinois politician will be arrested next? What will happen with our taxes? Which big corporation will threaten to leave us next? Predictions, a
Now, all Kidzeum needs to become an interactive destination for kids and their parents to learn about science is the remaining $1.75 million of the …
Chicago TribuneAldermen try to balance old, new wardsChicago TribuneBy John Byrne, Chicago Tribune reporter. December 29, 2013. As she plans a campaign for a third term, Chicago Ald. Toni Foulkes has found herself trying to help both the people she already represents and the new ones she’ll be asking to vote for her in …
Quinn: 5K affordable homes provided in 2013Belleville News DemocratSPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Illinois state officials say they’ve provided financing this year to make 5,000 affordable rental homes available. Gov. Pat Quinn announced Friday that the Illinois Housing Development Authority put up more than $471 million in …
Even the Illinois State Rifle and Pistol Association, the state affiliate of the National Rifle Association, is unable to advise its members. Executive …
Pat Quinn will help. The bill will double the amount of money available for clean water initiatives and ideally speed up the application process.
Pat Quinn said in a previous news release. The number of highways where new speeds are authorized could change. Cook and the “collar” counties …
CALUMET CITY | The Illinois Department of Transportation will inspect the northbound and southbound bridges on the Bishop Ford Freeway over the …
It probably was fitting that, as the final days of 2013 ticked away, the Chicago Republican Party scored a minor victory against Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, getting what it considered to be a Madigan plant off the GOP primary ballot …
But only about 30 percent of the Illinois Tollway’s 286-mile network will get the higher speed limit, according to a map released by IDOT. And in the Chicago area, the 70-mph limit will be posted only on five fairly short stretches of interstate.
The bridges carrying the U.S. Route 20 Bypass on the south edge of Rockford over the Rock River will be reconstructed for $20,842,811 by Civil Constructors, Inc., of Freeport, the lowest of four bidders. Traffic may continue to flow along the …
I am incapable of BS’ing people to get votes. Put a group together, I’d love to introduce myself. It’s time for A New Era for Illinois!
You’ve received an Evite invitation.www.evite.comYou’re invited to Leslie Munger for IL State Rep Campaign “Kickoff” – Click here to RSVP
Illinois State Representative Dwight Kay (R-Glen Carbon) introduced the Knockout Assault Prevention Act aimed at curbing a new form of mob action called the ‘knockout’ game. Incidents of the knockout game have been reported throughout the nation, with occurrences in Missouri, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., including a fatality in New Jersey.  According to the Illinois State Cr
The map for the new 70 mph speed limit has been released! Check it out at the link below. 
Illinois transportation officials today announced locations along interstates where the speed limit will increase to 70 mph. Full story and map:
The #ILpension lawsuit involves non union TRS members. Expect teachers’ unions lawsuit after 1st of year. Also, likely not in Cook County.
#ILpension lawsuit response from #ILGov Quinn admin: “We expect this landmark reform will be upheld as constitutional.”
Mass communications is a field that is evolving so rapidly that a textbook on the subject can become obsolete in a matter of months.  That is, in part, due to changes not only in the technology, but a
#Illinois school groups sue to block new #pension law 
If it walks like a duck & talks like a duck it must be…a Federal Judge in Utah upholding the 14th Amendment. #eyeontheprizepeople
Here. We. Go. => Retired teachers file first lawsuit against Illinois pension reform law.,0,184867.story …
#Iran’s announcement of new and advanced centrifuges should be met by Congress with new and advanced sanctions. 
Next stop today was a media availability in #Pinckneyville.
Started off a tour of Southern Illinois with a media availability in #NashvilleIL this afternoon.
Things keep looking brighter for Springfield. Poverty rates in the capital city fell dramatically from 2011 to 2012, according to the Census Bureau’s 2013 American Community Survey.The poverty rate for the Springfield area fell from 16.8 percent in 2011 to an estimated 14. …
Richard Pearson, executive director of the Illinois State Rifle Association, said Thursday that he was waiting to hear how private sellers would confirm that their purchaser had a valid firearm owner’s identification card. Catch up about the law:New gun sale law process met with confusionbarrington.suntimes.comGun sellers aren’t completely sure how they are supposed to deal with the new gun sale l
He plans to ask the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund to suspend his pension payments during the time he is paid as sheriff. He also says he will pay …
An odd, quirky crime report from the area.
A group of retired Illinois teachers and administrators filed a lawsuit Friday seeking a new pension reform plan.
Enjoy your last weekend of 2013 folks!
@HRob_ciLiving that’s crazy! Maybe I’ll drive through with a cell phone in both hands on the way back just to spite Illinois ridiculousness!
(AP) — Former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher will be taking to the theatrical stage.
CHICAGO — A group of retired Illinois teachers and administrators have filed a lawsuit seeking to have a new plan to reduce the state’s $100 billion pension shortfall declared unconstitutional.Eight former teachers and administrators filed the lawsuit Friday in Cook County Circuit Court.The long-anticipated legal challenge comes less than a month
I agree with Bill Brady- we need a simpler Concealed Carry Law.Just where will it be legal to carry a gun in Illinois?www.chicagotribune.comAfter a hard-fought battle, Illinois residents next month can begin applying for permits to carry concealed guns in public. But those who do could face another challenge: figuring out where it’s legal to carry a firearm and where having a gun could land them i
Take advantage of the warm weather & join us for some doorknocking in the 39th District tomorrow. 10am Saturday, 2642 W. Fullerton Ave.
Illinois government sits on $9 billion in I-owe-yous for Christmas  via @illinoispolicy
Why cards are the future of the web | Inside Intercom 
#IL 70 mph speed map official,0,5031715.story … #70mph
Lunch at Half Italian today in #LoganSquare – I love that we have a deli/grocery in the area! #39thDistrict
This Tribune article is exactly why we need a simpler concealed carry law:,0,7507904.story …
UIC this morning then DePaul. Loyola next. Yes, the college visits continue. 
Essential reading for anyone who, like me, is uncomfortable with the idea of “pardoning” Alan Turing: …
Top 14 New Illinois Laws for 2014 | @scoopit 
More new laws:  RT @ColonelTribune Chi speed limits same. Parts of I-55, I-57, I-88, I-94 will go to 70 mph.
#Suitcase freakout at Thompson Center lockdown,0,3509084.story … #twill
The state Department of Employment Security said local unemployment rose in nearly all of the state’s metro areas during November.
Officials found nothing harmful after investigating a report of a suspicious package Friday afternoon at the James R. Thompson Center downtown.
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I use the “Modern Day Reporter” format because it’s a way to make the Bible “come alive”. Enjoy newest additions 2 my genre: (cont)
I’m more convinced than ever that 2014 is going to be a big year for starting to reverse the damage caused by Dick Durbin & Co. #ILSEN
The Thompson Center is being evacuated as bomb crews investigate a suspicious package found in the atrium. Center evacuated for suspicious package responsewww.suntimes.comOfficials are evacuating the James R. Thompson Center downtown as bomb crews investigate a suspicious package Friday afternoon. Someone called police about 12:25 p.m. to report a suspicious packag
My column this week Here’s To Hoping For Government Openness  @LisaMadigan @headlineclub @spj_tweets
A lot of discussion has been given recently to several large businesses in Illinois who have gone to the Legislature and asked for tax incentives.
Kate Cloonen D-Kankakee, is continuing her districtwide “Coffee with Kate” schedule in January. Residents are encouraged to attend for an informal …
CHICAGO — There’s a battle raging between an Illinois state senator and the Illinois Department of Transportation on raising the speed limit to 70 mph on Illinois expressways — and Chicago’s expressways are ground zero. A bill to increase the speed …
I will continue to highlight a few of the new laws that will take effect as of January 1. For example, there are new laws governing the…
Breaking RT @Rsmootvoyles RIP @SpeakerMadigan twitter account. Let’s hope @ILFakehouseNews isn’t next… #Twill
Lunch at Half Italian today in #LoganSquare – I love that we have a deli/grocery in the area! #39thDistrict
SPRINGFIELD – Big Brother may be watching drivers that go around the stop sign on a school bus. State Rep. Jay Hoffman, D-Collinsville, said a new law going into effect next week allows school districts to put cameras on their buses to keep an eye out.
A 25-year-old man from Palos Park was killed in a demolition accident at Hawthorn Mall.
Share on Facebook Retweet this Submit this to Stumble this (Chicago) – Extra: Governor Pat Quinn today named seven Illinois residents to the new state Concealed Carry Licensing Review Board. Of the seven individuals tapped for the new panel, none are from the City of Chicago. The governor has slated Robinzina Bryant of Flossmoor to chair the board. The other board members, who w
Inmate intake center becomes focus in Illinois’ prison crowding disputeThe State Journal-Register… “We are not in the speculation business,” Godinez said. “We are in the safety business.” Contact John O’Connor at By John O’Connor The Associated Press. The State Journal-Register. By John O’Connor The Associated Press.AP Exclusive: Intake center focus of Ill. crowdin
Swine flu detected in Illinois; vaccine available 
Metra-fried politicians & epic pension action. Oh my.Patch.comHmmm, who was that masked Madigan opponent? Everyone’s talking about the withdrawal of a questionable challenger to Mike Madigan in his Southwest Side legislative district. And has Madigan been using his influence to help some Turkish charter school …
The last time Congress enacted a water projects bill was 2007, and it took two-thirds majorities in both houses to override President George W. Bush’s …
In the market for a patrol boat or snow melter? Now’s your chance to grab one, through the City of Chicago’s online auction. The City’s Department Of Procurement Services is putting surplus items on the auction block. The auctions are held around the clock to help the city generate revenue. Since 2011, they’ve reportedly generated  more than $10 million. Items also include a lot of different thing
Twelve-year-old Haylee Hamilton just wants a safe place to go to school. Ever since the beginning of the school year, Haylee, a sixth-grader, said she has been the target of…Click to Continue »
But it allows people with guns to walk through a public … get through it without breaking any laws, but it’s tricky.” In most cases, permit holders can leave their gun in the glove compartment or the trunk of their vehicle in the parking lot …
House Speaker Mike Madigan’s no-good, very bad year ends with loss to a rare bird: Cook County GOP @CrainsChicago 
MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — A former minor league baseball player-turned-businessman says he’s running for governor of Alabama as a Democrat. Kevin Bass of Fayette becomes the party’s first announced candidate against Republican Gov. Robert Bentley. The 34-year-old Bass tells he wants to attract more jobs to the state and preserve funding for schools. Bass doesn’t have much political experience
The Red Eye and Metromix’s Amy Guth hangs with Dave to talk about the most overused words and phrases of 2013. Radio hosts Dave Plier and Amy Guth
Probably the best selfie ever taken by a University of Illinois graduate, right?
ROB SCHNEIDER VISITS CHICAGO Comedian, actor, writer and producer Rob Schneider spoke with Good Day Chicago about his new show at Chicago Improv. The show runs tonight and through Sunday. Watch Rob here –>
WASHINGTON PARK – Governor Pat Quinn announced a capital investment of more than $15.3 million for a bridge repair project in St. Clair County … Eddie Lee Jackson, Sr. (D-East St. Louis) said. “These types of projects help us create …
Governor candidate Dan Rutherford in Pinckneyville todayDu Quoin Evening CallRepublican Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford, a candidate for governor in 2014, is at the Grecian Restaurant in Pinckneyville at 2:45 p.m. today to share his ideas on how the state should go about determining the closure of state facilities, then how …
Illinois taxpayers contributed three times as much money to the Teachers’ Retirement System, or TRS, last year than did participating teachers, even …
Can’t escape #Illinois’ elections, even in @DwntwnNashville. Need a campaign song, @KirkDillard?
Here is the updated story about the shooting at DynaChem yesterday.Man shoots CEO, then kills selfwww.commercial-news.comWESTVILLE — One man is dead and another injured in an attempted work place murder and suicide at a chemical plant in southern Vermilion County.Vermili
State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Marengo) and Ron Sandack (R-Downers Grove) have introduced legislation that would cap the amount of pension a retired worker could receive at $2,000 a month while they were working another job. In Addison last year the …
Hinson takes leave after son-in-law’s death: 
I’m pleased our efforts have resulted in improved steps toward protecting patient safety. …
Fundraiser on Jan 9. @EmmettsBeer in Downers Grove. Hope to see you there! 
Ok. I’m done assembling Christmas gifts. It’s easier to go work:)
Check out this document that details the work I’ve done for the 8th district this year: 
In 2003 this town had a meteor explode over it, showering this city with fragments now on display at the Chicago Field Museum #12DoD…
Year in Review – Aug. 19: Fighting Dangerous Drug Gangs. Share your own stories using #My2013.
Kane County Chronicle – Found 16 minutes agoBusinessman Bruce Rauner, who has more million dollar domiciles than most men have suits, has just wrapped up the GOP nod with about three…
The cabbies pose against the hoods of their cars, mostly fully dressed, to raise money for a lawsuit against the City of Chicago.
Director of Trial Advocacy Steve Beckett 12/27/2013 via @wdws1400Director of Trial Advocacy Steve Beckett 12/27/2013 | NewsTalk 1400 WDWS-AMwdws.comDave Loane and Elizabeth Hess sit down with Steve Beckett and ask him some pressing legal questions.
Proposed City Budget Draws Criticism From Ald. McMenamin 
Ald. Jobe: Council Will Approve Greenburg to be City Attorney 
Not done holiday shopping? Try the Illinois Secretary of State.  Nearly a dozen new license plates will be for sale in 2014.  
South Side Ald. Anthony Beale (9th) filed a lawsuit Thursday against a former Chicago Public Schools principal who he claims tried to extort $1 million …
Motorists should give serious thought before using parking spaces designated for people with disabilities or illegally using disabled parking placards.
I’m pleased our efforts have resulted in improved steps toward protecting patient safety. …
Senator David Luechtefeld joins us at 8:20am
Chicago is the lead Headline on Drudge Report now…. 
A Palos Heights woman on vacation in Hawaii was able to help police catch a pair of would-be burglars thanks to a smartphone app.